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Welcome to the library
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Welcome to the library

Information due to the situation regarding Covid-19

Due to the situation with the Corona virus the library at Nordiska museet is closed for visits.

Until further notice the loan period will be extended on the books on loan and they will not be recalled until the library opens again. If you need to borrow books from the library we recommend you to do internlibrary loans from another library.

At the moment there are no ways to return borrowed books.

 We recommend having a look at the national library catalogue Libris, to see if other libraries may have the books that you are interested in:

Please visit our web page for further information:

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The library at Nordiska museet is located downstairs to the right after the reception at the entrance.

If you want to know more about the library and the collections, or read about the library's borrowing rules, please find the information on the Nordiska museet's website.

Your views, suggestions for new acquisitions and book recommendations are most welcome! Email the library on


Digital access to the Nordic museums yearbook Fataburen can be found on DiVA.