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At Nordiska museet there is a special collections library for cultural history and ethnology from the 1500s and onwards. There is literature that reflects the museum’s activities, gives context to current topics and illustrates the rich collections. In the library there are close to forty shelf meters of books, periodicals, brochures and product catalogues.

Among our borrowers there are researchers, professionals, students and staff, and not least the interested public. We have been called “the people’s specialist library” and what is more suited for an ethnological focused library?

Following an extensive relocation in 2006 we are now located in spacious premises with accessible, modern shelving systems. The larger part of the collection is searchable in our library catalogue and in Libris, and it is possible to borrow the books as well. At our counter there are librarians who know the collection, the system and registry and we are happy to provide an entrance to the material. Reading places and wireless network are available for onsite studies.

On the blog we are going to present undreamed-of finds in the collections, acquisitions and favourites, as well as get the assistance of a number of guest bloggers.