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Linné som "antiquarius" Analytisk post
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  • Resor Sv av sv Br
Main Entry - Personal Name
  • Svensson, Sigfrid, 1901-1984
Title Statement
  • Linné som "antiquarius" Analytisk post
Subject - Personal Name
  • Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778
Found in
  • Rig ISSN 0035-5267 1960, s. [1]-14
*00000999caa a22002657ar4500
*008070508s1960    sw ||||      |00| 0|swe c
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)10437391$x10437391
*040  $aA
*042  $9LINN
*084  $aLz Linné, Carl von$2kssb/8
*1001 $aSvensson, Sigfrid,$d1901-1984
*24510$aLinné som "antiquarius"$hAnalytisk post /$cSigfrid Svensson
*561  $a234/1960$5E
*60014$aLinné, Carl von,$d1707-1778$2sao
*7730 $tRig$x0035-5267$g1960, s. [1]-14$wIMP8258281
*841  $ax  a$b0705164u    8   1001uu   0901128$e4$5E
*852  $bE$hResor Sv av sv Br$5E
*9001s$aLinnæus, Carolus$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
*9001s$aLinnaeus, Carl$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
*9001s$aLinné, Karl von$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
*9001s$aLinné, Charles$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
*9001s$aLinneo, Carlo$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
*9001s$aLinnej, Karl$d1707-1778$d1707-1778$uLinné, Carl von
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